Wednesday 4 February 2015

Pink Lemonade

What?!? I'm using pink? That's right, I'm going all crazy up in here. It must be the cold weather or something. I love lemonade and for some reason, the pink lemonade tastes even better. I don't know why. Anyway, when I started to do up my Kona challenge list, I realized that I had a ton of pink that I needed to use up. I'm on a bit of a fabric diet so this was a good chance to play with some stuff I already had.

I knew I wanted to do HSTs but what layout?

Flying Geese?

All Crazy?

I decided to go with the flying geese but put one row facing down to mix things up a bit. Then I added some white in between the rows and as a border (not shown). 

Still working on the quilting which I should be done very soon. I was on an HST kick though so I did some of my charity blocks for our guild. We are using the colors as set forward by the Modern Quilt Guild. I surprised myself by having almost all of the colors - Wasabi, Cerise, Glacier and Bahama Blue (clockwise starting top left). The only one missing was Cedar. I will have to get some of that soon. I know that MadAboutPatchwork has a bundle that I might get.
I'm having fun with these HSTs and might do a bunch more! Wooooo! No pink this time, though.


  1. Now I want pink lemonade. Must scheme on how I can talk Max into going to the store for me. Love the layout you ended up choosing :)

  2. Lovin' your HST shenanigans. Now I'm thinking pinks might appear in your curated Kona bundle! :)

  3. Love it. I trust your hands haven't broken out in a rash from touching pink. LOL