Wednesday 18 February 2015

I Heart Kona!

Jenn over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge issued a challenge for Kona enthusiasts to curate their own bundles. I jumped at the chance since I have felt the ones I was receiving to be a little dull. Here's what I came up with:

These first two are actually the same bundle. Amazing how different they look just by changing the lighting a bit. I admit that the lighting is not the greatest but it's winter in Nova Scotia and there's not that much natural light to be had.

L-R Caribbean, Cyan, Aqua, Azure + White for the background

I have actually been using these colors in a current quilt so that's why I chose them. I think it will work quite well. It had better because I'm in the middle of cutting out over 100 flower petals with these colors.

Top-Bottom Azure, Aqua, Cyan, Caribbean + white background
 Then I just had a little fun pulling colors from my stash. I love the combination of the coal with bright colors.

L-R Azure, Sprout, Punch + Coal Background
Tried the Palette Builder from Play Crafts with a picture of Darwin haha

Well, that was fun! What would you pick?


  1. I knew the pink was growing on you!!! Both bundles are great, but I'm loving the second one. I've only used Cyan and Sprout.

  2. is it ok if I just like your doggy pic the best? Such a cutie

  3. The blue palette could have been stolen from my Kona hoard. Actually, so could the second one. And the Palette Builder? I knew that one would get you! :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. Your dog is very colorful :)