Friday, 10 June 2016

Spidey Sense for Asher

Welcome to the world, Asher! Don't let your dad steal your quilt!

I started working on this quilt at the beginning of April at our 1st Annual Maritime Modern Quilt Guild retreat. It was great to just sit and plow through a bunch of pixels. So, although it's been finished for a bit, I had to wait until it was delivered before I could blog about it (and then I procrastinated for a bit too).

I really love how the colors work. That blue is beautiful.

Asher's dad is a big Spiderman fan so it's possible that he'll steal this until Asher grows into it. I generally don't like making baby-sized quilts because there's only so long that they'll be able to use it. This one is more like lap sized although to be honest, I didn't measure it.

I did a bit of a spiky free motion quilt all over it using black thread. The texture when it came out of the dryer was amazing.
For the back, I used a blue plaid flannel. I really wanted to use a Spiderman print but the pricing was a little nuts.

Next up: something not pixelated! Actually, I have started working on two non-pixel quilts. *Gasp*

Monday, 16 May 2016

Candy Coated Collections

Hi all! I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to share these with you but here it is. For the past year (yes, it's been a year already), I've been creating fun packs of Konas monthly for my fellow guild-mates. For a mere $15/mth they get 5 fat quarters of fabric in co-ordinating colors with an inspiration picture. Obviously I'm not the first to do this but a few of us were unhappy with the previous one we were subscribing to so I decided to do my own.

Please note that all of these photos are stolen from my lovely subscriber, Jenn @ Quarter Inch from the Edge

I try to have the fabrics go with some sort of a theme for the time of year. You'll notice above that June (which came out last May) has Grass, Sprout, and Snow. If that doesn't say May in Nova Scotia, I don't know what does.

 You may notice a pattern here - I like bright colors! When I put together one of these packages, I like to make sure you could take the colors directly and make a quilt from them.

Camping under the Northern Lights for February.
Chinese New Year for January.
As I said, right now, these are just for local peeps as I haven't figured out a way to ship them without adding too much to the cost. But, who knows if I get enough interest, that could change!
Do you subscribe to any monthly fabrics? Let me know!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Spring Flowers

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen this quilt in various stages of completion. It took me a while because it kept being pushed aside for more urgent projects. Then, I had some personal things going on and stopped sewing for a month or so. But here it is! Finished! The layout of this reminds me of a slot machine but was actually inspired by The Marigold Quilt by Pen and Paper Patterns.

This past weekend was the 1st Annual Retreat for the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. It was fantastic and really got me back into the swing of sewing (even if I did break my machine). I took the opportunity to get some shots of this quilt in front of this weird haunted house in the parking lot of the hotel. As you can see, the grass isn't quite green yet here in Nova Scotia but it's coming along. At the very least, there's no snow!
I also made a couple of pillows to go along with it. This was the last photo I took with my old phone - there's such a difference with the new one. Maybe I should do a shoot with them together. I probably won't, though.
Happy Spring, people. Hope the flowers are starting to pop up where you are!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Long time, no sew!

Hi all, it's been awhile since I've been here. Don't worry! I'm still alive - just haven't been sewing too much lately. I do have a couple of pics to share with you, though.

First up, my jerky cat, Oliver messing up my beautiful piles of pixels. He looooves sitting on fabric - especially when it has been neatly arranged.

Here's what the pixels turned into: a storm trooper, Bobba Fett and a rebel pilot pillow! These were done up for a Star Wars show at the Dart Gallery and they all sold!

I also did this Admiral Ackbar which I only just finished. The red is super hard to photograph and comes out looking like I used Batik fabrics. Trust me, it's all Kona! Sorry for the terrible pic of this one - it looks way better in person.

I've also been toying with the idea of selling some of these patterns. I'd have to find the time to write them up properly but let me know what you think of that. When I did these, Eric went a little over the top and designed about 10 more Star Wars pillows. They could even be put together into a quilt which would look cool.