Friday, 15 June 2012

Pixel Quilts 2

I had too many of these to share last time so here are some more. It seems like a large portion of the quilts out there are mario focused but there are lots of others too. Enjoy! 

Another pattern from Carolina Patchworks

I loved Dr Mario when I was a kid.
Done by Oh Fransson which is linked on the right

Ok, so I've been thinking too much about this for the last few days and I think I'm going to try to do one. So here's the question, do you think I should do Frog Mario or Tanooki? They will be similar ideas to the ones below. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pixel Quilts

For a while now I've been eying quilts that I will call Pixel Quilts. Most of them take old nintendo game characters and transform them into quilt form. This is done fairly easily with the 8-bit characters from our childhood since they are already pixel-y. Essentially what you do is cut out a bunch of colored squares and sew them together to make something cool. Each square is a pixel. It will probably be some time before I try one of these since I'm still not good at the exact patterns (see last post). Update on that one: not going as planned.

I just wanted to share a few of my favs. Apologies that I haven't figured out how to give credit for everyone's pics - I am not claiming these to be my own, don't worry (we all know I can't quilt like that).

Pixel Pusher, finished

Mario quilt, finished! Sleepy MegaMan


kirby quilt top


bloopers on a blanket

Pacman Quilt

This last one is a pattern by Carolina Patchworks (link to the right) who has all kinds of pixel quilt patterns including Donkey Kong and Mario. She also has a book coming out in September called "Pixel Play" which is entirely pixel quilts!! Can't wait!