Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Odds N Ends

Hey folks, I have a few little odds and ends to post. These have been on my instagram but I haven't shared them over here (silly me!). With my machine at the shop for a whole 4 days now, I'm feeling a bit at a loss. I even organized my sewing room last night! Clearly, I'm getting desperate. So, here's what I was up to before I broke my machine:

My Ghostbusters wall hanging which is currently up at the Dart Gallery

Wall hanging with my pillow below it.
Ghostbusters pillow now available at The Dart Gallery

My pouch for the swap with the Victoria Modern Quilt Guild - plus the goodies to go inside

Rocket Raccoon costume Eric made for my nephew
Beauty wool blanket I bought at the Acadia Craft Fair

Darwin, being adorable.