Wednesday 5 March 2014

Gone Hunting

Just kidding, the only hunting I'd do is with the orange gun that came with the Nintendo I had when I was 5. I have been wanting to do this quilt for some time. I remember my sister and I playing this and Super Mario Bros after we got them for Christmas. Of course we fell for all of the stupid things our friends told us - including that you have to spastically move the controller to the right if you want mario to jump farther. Duck Hunt was amazing for its time. I didn't understand the magic of how it worked (and still don't for that matter) but it kept us entertained for hours! But, oh how I hated this smug dog! I'm sure there are quite a few other 80's kids who share my hatred.


I had originally hoped to add the ducks to this but it would've been gigantic so maybe I'll just make some pillows to go along with it. This quilt will be going in the Dart Gallery NEStalgia show starting on March 21. I'm quite excited to see it up in the gallery - especially since my Shredder quilt didn't get finished in time for the last show. If you're in the area, feel free to stop by. There will be lots of different items in the show including posters, this quilt and other mediums as well.  


  1. Love this! I have wanted to make a quilt like the icon I have. The dog holding a duck in each hand. Some day...

  2. I love this! Is there a pattern/template you used that I could utilize?