Monday 6 February 2012

RAWR Collaboration

Oh Geez! The pressure of a first post! I did a collaborative project with a friend of mine, Jayme from RAWR creatures. She did the adorable little birdie and I did the quilt. The whole thing was inspired by the cute bird fabric in Anne Kelle's Urban Zoologie collection. It's one of those projects where you find the fabric and create a project to give you an excuse to use it. Anyway, the colors all came from there. I had to get the fabric from Etsy because my local fabric store is terrible and doesn't have it. Also, they give me dirty looks when I go in there. Must be my husband's mohawk.

This is quilt #5 or so and they do seem to be getting better each time which I guess is progress. I should probably take a course but again, dirty looks. For now will settle for the self-taught method which has worked thus far.


  1. CONGRATS on your first post :) this is great! I get dirty looks at the fabric store around here too. And tim doesn't even have a mohawk lol.

  2. Haha my husband has a mohawk, too, and he would probably get dirty looks in the fabric store. They are a bit uppity in there -- and I agree with you about them not having a great selection.

    Your quilts are absolutely beautiful. I'm self-taught, too, and I think there's no need for a course. You obviously know what you're doing!

  3. I love your blog it's great!

  4. Thanks soooooo much for the quilt Aimee. It is absolutely beautiful. I love it! Maia-Jane is one lucky little lady :)The RAWR bird is awesome too. Thanks again. Marie, Alex & MJ