Thursday 16 February 2012

70's Hootenanny

Alright, so I decided on a color scheme for my Hootenanny quilt (the owl from before) and I'm going with a 70's look. Yellow, orange & red owl with a dark brown background. I think it'll be cute. Also, I had to cut down the pattern to half of the original size in order to make a baby quilt. I hope it works - it would be embarassing for an accountant to mess up the math on that one.

In the background you can see some of my quilting essentials. Cutting mat, crappy cell phone (iphone to come soon), mouse which connects to my laptop of course and quilting pins. The highlighter, pen and sticky tabs are left over from studying. They are not essential to quilting but are def essential for studying.

Weekend away with some awesome people. Hopefully we don't get snowed in but they do have internets there so we'll be ok either way.

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