Friday 19 June 2015


Hi all! Just wanted to stop by quickly to share another commission I just finished up. I never used Bowser when I played Mario Kart, he was always too slow for me but I thought it was hilarious how he overflowed the kart. He looks quite a bit less scary when he's stuffed inside a tiny car. I love how he turned out in this quilt!

I'm so happy to have green in the background of these photos!


The Back
I also have another hobby that is taking up some serious time and space in my home. Check out these pyrex finds I snagged last weekend.

The Friendship pattern is my absolute favorite! It's so cheery!

Blue Horizon divided dish

I thought these two bowls both belonged to the primary colors set but now I'm thinking the larger one is orange, not red and may belong to the friendship line.

Bright yellow refrigerator dish
Yikes! Like I needed something else to obsess over! Looks like this summer will be filled with yard sales and antique shops. The thrill of the chase and getting a good deal is probably the most fun but it's also nice to walk into an antique shop with a great selection of clean pyrex in good shape.

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  1. Your pixel quilts always amaze me! I love Mario Kart and I agree, Bowser is way too slow! I always went with Yoshi or Toad. :)

  2. What a great quilt - front and back!

  3. Wonderful quilt! I think he still looks scary in a tiny cart. :)

  4. The quilt is very impressive, Aimee! I had no idea you collected Pyrex. I have not started (yet) but looking at these gorgeous finds make my heart go a little faster!

  5. My giddy aunt your quilts are incredible, and I love your Pyrex collection, I have 1 and 3 also which I found at a garage sale :)