Thursday 7 November 2013


I've been working on something new for the past few weeks that I was really excited to show you guys. The idea came about because my husband and his graphic designer friends are doing a gallery show based on 80's toys. They called it "Has Bros" for a little play on words for the classic toy comapny. It seems like they produced just about all of the awesome toys when I was a kid - Cabbage Patch Kids, Easy-bake Oven, GI Joe, Lite-Brite, My Little Pony, Mr Potato Head, etc etc. Now, the show is named Has Bros but art based on any 80's toys are acceptable. You can see the awesome poster Eric designed for the show above. Pretty cool, eh?

I was going to do a Shredder quilt because for some reason I loved the Ninja Turtles when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I ran into some snags and am not going to get it done in time. I probably could have pushed it but I would have ended up with something I wasn't happy with and therefore wouldn't want to hang in the gallery. If the guys end up doing another show in the spring, I will start something super early just in case. I'll show you the Shredder when I finally get it done. In the meantime, here's a screen cap to hold you over.



  1. Cant wait to see the Shredder quilt!

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