Monday 12 August 2013

Quilting the days away!

Here is the correct-ish quilting. I LOVE the feel of it.

It's Monday. I'm happy to be back at work today. What?!? Yeah, that's because my arms are too tired to do any quilting right now. I spent the entire weekend quilting the secret project. This was my first stab at free-motion quilting and I'm thinking I should have started with a baby quilt rather than something queen sized. That'd be too smart though, right? I'm not one for taking the easy way out unless there are no other options. Here are a couple of pictures of the quilting. It's not bad for the first run but I'm learning as I go.
Here's the terrible messed up quilting - although I do kind of like the look of it, my tension was way off on this.

And Here's my adorable puppy. Well, he's 3 but with his haircut he looks like a puppy. He's peering out of the cargo netting we put on the back of the jeep to keep these two in there.

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