Tuesday 12 March 2013


Hey all, just finished another quilt and wanted to show it off. This is a baby quilt for yet another person we know who is expecting. I like doing baby quilts because they're small and relatively quick. It also gives you a chance to try out new techniques without getting too deep into it. I've wanted to do these stars for awhile and it just so happens that my Go Baby has the dies needed to do them.

I actually think it looks better in person. I'm not sure why but in pictures, it looks like it has way more white space.

In other news, I used Sheldon to sleep with for the first time last night as my normal quilt is in the wash. You will be happy to hear that he is nice and warm. The interfacing softened up a fair amount making it fluffier than it had been. A couple more washes and it should be perfect.

Coming Soon: a new project that you will all be very excited about (or not, I don't know!). Just working through the fabrics to be used, etc. This one could be epic.

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