Monday 17 December 2012

Mixed Bag

Hi All,
it's been awhile but I have been so busy with other things that I don't have much of an update on the secret project. Here's the most recent pic. Hopefully there will be some time to work on it more over the holidays so I can get you a better update. I'm actually really impressed at how great it's looking (if I do say so myself). Please excuse the surroundings as the spare bed often acts as storage for Dartmouth Clothing stuff as well.

I have been doing a bit of shopping on the fabric sites over the past month or so. Here are some of the items I've been looking at:

Henna Garden. One of my fave fabric lines. This stuff is out of print so when I saw this bundle on Etsy, I had to get it.

This next line is called Winterkist by Monica Soloria-Snow. Perfect non-christmas Christmas fabric. I haven't bought it yet but it's on the list for sure! I just can't decide which colors. If she keeps going with fabrics like this, she might be on my list for favorite designer.

Roughing it by Laurie Wisbrun. She is one of my favorite designers and this one is super cute. I'm picturing it on a quilt for a little boy or even just one to keep at the cottage.

Wisbrun's sequel to the Llamas in sweaters I blogged about awhile back. This is the Christmas edition.

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  1. Beautiful fabrics....and what a great job on the quilt.