Friday 3 August 2012

Stash Update

So there were a couple of things I "had" to buy online for my latest project. In order to make the shipping cost efficient, I added a couple of fabrics to the orders. Here's what I got:

 This first item is a must have for quilters who buy fabric online. The complete Kona Color Card by Robert Kaufman fabrics allows you to better choose your colors so that you aren't constantly looking at them onscreen trying to figure out what works together. Very happy to finally have one.

These next two fabrics were just really cute and I couldn't not get them:

Rally by Dan Stiles

Bespoken Fancy Buttons

Finally, I'm going to have to find something awesome to do with this fabric by Tula Pink. There are a bunch of co-ordinating fabrics (and 3 colorways) but I knew E was already going to give me that "don't you have enough fabrics" face so I only bought this main one.

Nightshade by Tula Pink

Hoping to have a sneak peak at the new quilt for you soon. TV fans should be getting very excited about this one.

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