Tuesday 22 May 2012

City Green Revisited

When I first started quilting about a year ago, I bought a book called City Quilts by Cherri House. What drew me to it is that it was a whole book using geometric patterns with solid fabrics. I find a lot of quilters use patterned fabric which can look awesome but can also look way too busy in some cases. I generally stick with solids but sometimes add patterns to the back.

The first quilt top that I started was Cherri House's City Green. It didn't turn out well but since then I have learned the importance of making sure that your measurements and cutting are exact so that things line up. Here's the first one I did. Instead of it looking like mosaic tile, I had to offset the pattern so that it wasn't as obvious that things didn't line up. It is on my bed and I use it every night but I'd still prefer if it looked nicer.
My First City Green with Jack

Now, here's what I'm hoping my next one will look like. Cross your fingers but this is the general color scheme. PS this one is made by Red Pepper Quilts who makes awesome stuff. If you search flickr, you can find a million variations of this quilt but I love the beach glass look of this one.

Here are all of my fabrics starting to come together. Since this pic, I have cut them all up and am ready to do the strips. I will know soon how well I did. Wish me luck!

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