Monday 12 March 2012

I wanted to share with you a fantastic website that allows you to print your own fabric on everything from quilters weight to silk crepe. For those of us who like to pretend that we have some sort of creative ability, this is a great way to bolster that ego. You can take just about any image that you find or create and make fabric out of it. Let's take my logo for an example:
You just upload it and then you can decide how you want it laid out (bottom right of the page). Now, with my logo I plan to cut them out and sew them on the back of future quilts so I'll probably want more white in between. However, if you see the scooters on the left (these are fabrics that I have previously designed), it actually works out pretty well for fabric.

It even allows you to grab colors out of your image and change them if you want. So you can have the same image but a couple of different backgrounds. The best part is, if you're happy with your fabrics and decide to print them, you can offer them up for sale to other buyers. If other people get them, you get a percent of the sale.

Please note, this post is not sponsored by Spoonflower. I just think it's awesome and have used it a few times to create custom fabric such as for this quilt for my nephew:

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